BADALIA takes pride in providing its client with all their Welding, Steel Fabricating, Engineering and machining needs, all done to a high quality and at a competitive price. Since the commencement of BADALIA, we have been providing clients with a wide range of products and services in the field of Fabrication and Engineering all done in excellent value, timely execution and with highest quality. Despite of diversified activities BADALIA continues to strive further to improve the quality, reliability and efficiency of service for our valued customer. The work force being a part of our Quality Policy, ensure the growth of the company with customer satisfaction.



Our facility is capable of handling and processing even your largest project, with a fully equipped work space, employing the latest in technology.



We have a very efficient and Highly skilled team for which can undertake any kind of roofing works including roof structures.



We manufacture, supply and install steel tanks and permanent tanks fabrication. We have a comprehensive product range of steel tanks and steel tanks fabrication.


From design concepts, custom machine design or specialty tool design,
our experienced group of engineers can provide the engineering solutions to make your project a success. Working closely with your engineers, we ensure a project that is on time and within budget.

The Company deals with all kinds of steel fabrication from smallest to huge structural fabrication. All the welders are qualified as per different codes and are capable of welding different materials such as stainless steel, Mild steel, Aluminium and cast iron etc

Please call our team for any project enquiry at +971 (06) 764 1876